Our Compliance.

Last updated: 12/08/2023

Livit has implemented a Compliance Program designed to identify and structurally avoid compliance risks. Our main goal is to protect the company and its employees, by creating mechanisms of prevention, detection and timely response against crime and non-ethical conducts. Livit’s Compliance Program focuses on some core areas:

Anti-corruption rules: Livit has implemented an anti-bribery guidelines to declare a strict zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption.

Ethical principles: Livit has set the standards of ethical behavior, as well as unethical situations often became serious criminal offence. Our main principles are:

Non discrimination
Data Protection and confidentiality
Reconciliation of work and private life
Respect for the environment and sustainability

Whistleblowing: The Company has introduced a whistleblowing system to enable employees and business partners to report criminal acts and similar serious offences on a confidential basis. On such matters they may contact the compliance Officer by email:  denuncias@livit.design. Complaints will be treated in confidence.

Sanctions: Contravention of our Compliance and ethical codes and polices are taken very seriously, since such actions present a risk for our Company and people, and could lead to disciplinary action.

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